Media Training

We live in a 24/7 global, digital, media age; organisations and leaders alike need to be able to harness the benefits it brings whilst minimising the pitfalls. Best practice  cuts across all platforms.

Learn how to give insightful, influential answers which seamlessly drive your agenda. Understand what the media are looking for in a good spokesperson and how to prepare for both positive and challenging encounters. We can turn your office into a studio or visit a studio near you, depending on your needs.

Presentation Training

Martin Luther King did not deliver an “I have a plan” speech, and after a training session with us, neither will you.

Influencers use stories and clear messages to demonstrate their passion and ethos and drive their agenda. Learn how they do it as well as tips on harnessing nerves and employing confident body language to make every speech and presentation count.

Crisis Training

Will your team really know how to embed communications  when the proverbial really hits?

We will simulate a crisis unfolding through the media and digital eye. Discover your weak spots and understand how to plug the gaps whilst uncovering who your frontline spokespeople could be. Understand what to communicate, when and how, to be seen as responsive, appropriate and in control.

Select Committee and Enquiries Training

Want to be seen as on top of things with a good handle on the issues? Use our training to simulate a range of evidence giving sessions from Select Committees to Enquiries.

We have worked with senior executives better to understand the process and their role in it: from delivering key messages in a lengthy Q&A session, supplying supporting evidence and showing how to handle a team appearance.

Podcast Training

In today’s digital media age it is all about content. Make sure your podcasts are on message, on brand and on twitter.

You will learn how to present to camera and what to say to make your audience want to share it.


Influencing skills for all areas of work

Other Services

Let Jawsmith help you to communicate better, through training, coaching and advice. Understand what motivates your audiences and the skills needed to influence them. It’s all about the messages and how you back them up.

Boost your strategic media relations firepower with 20 years of broadcast journalism & communications expertise. You don’t have to be born a great leader to become one. Develop your communication skills to support your career goals.