Your success is our success

Hilary provided very helpful advice and media training. Her professional eye and extensive experience provided many useful tips … and no doubt helped me to avoid too many blunders.

Marcial Boo – Chief Executive, IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority)

Hilary is always responsive and develops specific sessions to meet my needs and those of my senior team. Her professionalism and up to date currency instil a confidence in those they work with and this allows them to be supportive, coach and importantly challenge appropriately.

Helen Knee – Skills Funding Agency

Hilary is a consummate professional, combining techniques for performing well with incisive advice on crafting our messages. Even though some of us are quite experienced in handling media interviews, a refresher session always sharpens up our preparation and performance.

Mary Curnock Cook – Chief Executive UCAS

Trainee Comments

Hilary had cleared carried out some research into the organisation and current issues in the sector in order to make the training relevant.

Excellent. I had absolute confidence that she knew, understood, and could apply expertise in this field.

Clear and concise and I gained confidence in front of the camera.

A really thought-provoking day and one that I feel has challenged the way we have traditionally approached our work. Many thanks.

Hilary, in addition to specialised knowledge, was able to change and focus on the group’s needs and interests. Very impressive.

Hilary really impressed us all with her knowledge of her subject and the research she had undertaken into ours.